Our Products

Hi Rib :

  • Hi-Rib profies is 1020mm wide coverage with 28-30mm deep ribs at 200-250mm centre to centre with two/three stiffeners in between the rib.
  • Hi-Rib profile incorporates male/female ends with fill return leg & anti-capillary flute at side-lap thus ensuring leak proof sheeting capable of efficient water drain out.
  • The profile is also available in crimp curve from the semi-circular/arched roofing and flashings.

Hi Rib

Fixing Procedure :

Lift sheets onto roof supports with ribs up and all with overlapping ribs (female) facing towards starting edge. To commence fixing place the first sheet in position with the female rib in line with other building elements and fasten as recommended. Lap the female rib (with turned down free edge) of the second sheet over the make rib (with turned-out bottom edge) of the first sheet and insert recommended side lap fasteners to hold the lap firmly in place before fastening the second sheet to support. Follow the second sheet procedure for subsequent sheets.

Klippon :

Kliplock profile is designed to be fixed to roof purlin or wall girt with fixing clips which concealed during insulation and require no fastening holes through the shed. As Kliplock fixing method no screws are visible so there is no screw penetration. The clips are fixed directly on the support with only 2 nos. fasteners per clip thus provide positive engagement in the ribs of the profile.

Klippon Fastening Method

Klippon steel cladding is designed to be fastened to roof purlins or wall girts with fixing clips which are concealed during fixing and do not require any fastening holes through the steel sheets.

The clip for fastening Klippon steel cladding requires only two fasteners per clip and provides an easy, positive engagement in the ribs of the profile.

The two fasteners are inserted only through the two punched holes. Four dimples are also provided in the clip but these are for auxiliary fasteners only.

Because of the concealed clip fixing method, no fastening screws are visible and there is no screw penetration through the external sheeting. Concealing fixing also offers and advantage of security. Entry into the premises by unscrewing of roof and wall cladding sheets is not possible. Klippon can be used for roofing large span factories, warehouses, commercial, educational, institutional, domestic and recreational buildings.

Advantage of Profiles :-

  • Roofing in Industrial, commercial, residential and various other markets.
  • Strong profile to stand High wind pressure.
  • Supplied in either custom cut or any length.
  • Available in wide range of Galvalume, Pre-painted galvanized steel, aluminium etc.
  • Economical solution for builders.
  • Can be fixed on existing shed.

Z Purlins :

Z purlins are most unique cold roll formed sections used to fix roof and side claddings. The advantage of using Z purlins is unlimited-depth the thickness option gives the designer the required freedom to design most economical purlin.

The higher Zxx value gives more stability in lateral direction and thus minimizes saving.

Designer can select different thickness Z purlin with similar depth for the same structure, which ensures overall economy for the structure. Sleeved Purlin system ensures continuity and rigidity to the

z and c purlins

Cee Purlins

“ CEE ” Purlins can be used in place of Z purlins or conventional hot rolled C channels or IS angles or tubes for fixing roof or side cladding.

This new time saving bridging system with a comprehensive range of accessories available, provides a complete, easily erected system. This system provides efficient light weight, economical roofing and cladding supports for framed structures.

Pre-Engineered Buildings

Pre-Engineered Buildings provides :

  • Easy integration of all traditional construction materials such as brick work, glazing, timber. Etc.
  • Optimization in accordance with customer’s requirement.
  • Addition of canopies as a direct continuation of the roof line or at a lower level with positive or negative roof slopes.
  • Addition of parapets, partially or completely around the building.
  • Optimized design of steel thereby reducing weight, while meeting all design criteria requirements.
  • Quality design, manufacturing and erection.

Accessories & Flashing :

In addition to the profiled sheets, Paramount also supplies factory finished Cold-formed flashings, cappings & trims such as: Barge Boards, corners, Drip ends, Gutters, Ridge Capping, Apron flashings etc.

Paramount also supplies Ridge-Vent, Roof Monitor, Ventilator, Louvers, Contour-matched skylight panels, FRP/Polycarbonate, Foam-Fillers, sealing, roof curbs etc. as per requirements.




False ceiling system :

Our clients can avail from us an outstanding collection of Metal False Ceilings that are fabricated using superior quality material. The metals, such as aluminum, galvanized steel and stainless steel, used for fabrication are procured from a reputed vendor base. Further, we make use of latest technology equipment and tools that facilitate the production of a flawless range of false ceilings. These are available to the clients in various sizes and colors as per their requirement and demand.


The features of these metal false ceilings are as follows:

  • Easy to install
  • High strength
  • Higher performing life

Porta Cabins

Offering a comprehensive range of Porta Cabin, Site Office, Bathroom Cabin, Mobile Cabin, Guard cabins, Cold Storage, Clean Room, Mobile Accommodation, etc.


Puf sandwitch panels

Insulated Sandwich Panels offers an affordable range of sandwich puf panels for roofing, wall cladding and cold room. These insulated sandwich panels consists of two facings of relatively thin metal profiled sheet of high strength, which is relatively thick and light with required stiffness. The facings are of aluminum or steel.


Dimensional Specifications


30 to 120 mm


1000 mm to 1200 mm

Maximum Length

15 meter

Advantages :-

  • High load bearing capacity at low weight
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Absolute water and vapour barrier
  • Excellent air tightness and free of thermal bridgeswhich results in considerable energy
  • Resistance to weather and aggressive environments
  • Ease of installation
  • Long life and very low maintenance cost
  • Easy repair and replacement in case of damage
  • Good sound insulation
  • Reasonable fire reaction and resistance